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PlayLogy Subscription

A PlayLogy subscription delivers stage-based PlayBoxes every 2 or 3 months. You’ll save up to 10% off your PlayBoxes and you can pause, edit or cancel your subscription at anytime. You can gift a subscription to another lucky little one too. 

The PlayBox delivery frequency for 0-15 months is every two months and for 16-24 months, it is every three months.  The right play, at the right age, delivered right to your door.

Take the guesswork out of playtime.

Every PlayBox comes with 4-6 educational play items. Each chosen for your baby’s unique age and stage, and targets one (or more) of the five areas of your child’s brain development.

The same level of love and care in every PlayBox.


All our PlayBoxes have been created in collaboration with experts in early childhood education and child psychology.


All PlayLogy educational toys follow New Zealand safety guidelines (AU/NZS ISO 8124), and are made from baby-friendly materials. We make a conscious effort to choose baby toys that are ethically made, and have a low impact on the environment.


Playtime is better enjoyed together. So our PlayBoxes are fun, interactive, and made for both baby and parents to love.

“Education begins the moment a baby is born. Provide the right conditions and learning happens every moment for the rest of their lives.”

– Andrea Farmer, Early Childhood Teacher

Give pre-loved PlayBoxes a second home.

Once you and your baby are finished with your PlayBox, you may like to send it back our way. We’ll clean it, sterilise it where possible, and package it up again, ready to send on to a family who needs it.

We partner with the Kindness Collective Foundation who work with families in the community that would dearly love the chance to bring PlayLogy into their homes. When you’re ready to send it back, contact us to find out more.

Giving every family the chance to play.