Baby Activity Gym

Our modern, minimalist wooden baby play gym is the perfect addition to your playroom. It is a carefully designed and important learning tool for your little one's development. Use our black and white hanging pendants or add your own, this baby activity gym comes with nine attachment holes and nine small straps to attach fun playthings safety above your baby.  

Here are some of the ways that our baby gym can benefit your baby's growth and learning:


It is designed to stimulate a newborn's developing visual system with high contrast black and white pendants. With wonderful textures to explore these toys are a sensory treat.

Gross Motor

It is designed with three legs meaning there is plenty of space for your little one to roll, crawl, and explore their exciting new world. 

Fine Motor

It's hanging pendants will help your little one develop their fine motor skills. As they reach, grasp, and manipulate the toys, they'll be strengthening the muscles in their hands and fingers.


It helps promote cognitive development by encouraging exploration and teaching cause-and-effect. Your little one will learn that when they hit a toy, it makes a noise, or when they move a certain way, the hanging toys move too!

Social and Emotional

It is a great place for your little one to interact with other babies and adults. This will help them develop their social skills and build confidence in new environments. We have designed the PlayGym to fold away to a handy size. Ideal to take away with you on holiday, or when you pop around to friends.⁠