Excite & Ignite PlayBox

 At 3-4 months of age, your baby is busy soaking up their world like an adorable little sponge. This PlayBox is designed to help them do just that, with plenty of play-things targeted to grow all five of their senses, and all five areas of child development.


One of the first things babies learn to recognise is faces. In Mirror Baby: Peekaboo, little ones will meet a group of babies, just like them. The fold-out mirror is perfect for giving babies extra stimulation. It's sure to get a smile!

  • Age recommendation: Newborn +
  • Size: 16cm x 16cm
  • Material: Board book
  • Detail: Includes mirror. Published in 2021 by Campbell Books 
  • Development areas: Cognitive, Speech & Language, Social & Emotional  


    This lightweight hexagon ball is perfect for babies to grasp and squeeze - developing fine motor and gross motor skills. Squeeze it into other shapes and watch it return to its original form. The beads slide back and forth along the dowels when shaken, producing a pleasing rattle sound and while teaching cause-and-effect. 

    • Age recommendation: 3 months +
    • Size: 12cm diameter
    • Material: Made from sustainable rubber wood. Painted using non-toxic finishes.
    • Development areas: Cognitive, Fine Motor, Gross Motor 


    Entertain your little one with a set of these Wooden PlayBeads. They look simple, but to your baby they'll be an exciting sensory toy to explore and manipulate. Look at those fine motor skills develop! 

    • Age recommendation: 3 months +
    • Size: 8cm x 8cm 
    • Material: Non-toxic, water based paint finish 
    • Detail: Made of wood with strong elastic cord
    • Development areas: Cognitive, Fine Motor


    The softly-coloured Hape Geometric Rattle is expertly designed to fit snuggly into little hands, and will aid your child’s hand-eye coordination skills when shaken and played with.

    • Size: Each rattle is approximately 5cm x 5cm (each rattle varies in size)
    • Materials: Made from rice-based materials.
    • Detail: Each set includes three geometric rattles
    • Development areas: Cognitive, Fine Motor, Gross Motor 


    This baby-safe mirror will kick-start your baby’s self-recognition and understanding of reflection. Babies love faces, so it’s natural to show them their own. This mirror can be free-standing but also laid flat. Better still, it has a clear pouch on the reverse side to add cards, photos or other engaging images.

    • Age recommendation: Newborn +
    • Size: 26cm x 19cm
    • Materials: Made from non-breakable acrylic, with polyester fabric
    • Detail: Peel off protective cover before use. 
    • Development areas: Speech and language, Cognitive, Social and Emotional

    IMPORTANT: This product is made with baby-safe mirror material that complies with NZ/AU safety standards. They are designed for a baby to view from approximately 20cm away and this creates a sharp reflection. If you hold the mirror further back or if you move it left to right it may become slightly out of focus.