Bubbly & Bright PlayBox

In the Bubbly & Bright PlayBox, you’ll find a great set of play items. Our team of child education and psychology experts has carefully hand-picked each one especially to help encourage your 19-21-month-old’s development.

The PlayBox comes with a link to an information pack, which covers each item, what it is, and how to use it. Plus, we cover the developmental milestones to look out for.


With bright pictures and animal labels, this book will make a fabulous addition to your child's early learning library. With colourful photographs of animals your little one will recognise, there is plenty to explore in this engaging board book. The rainbow-coloured, stepped edges make it easy for little hands to turn the page and encourages discovery of each section.

  • Size: 23cm x 21cm
  • Material: Board book 
  • Detail: Published by Priddy Books.
  • Main development areas: Speech and Language, Cognitive, Social and Emotional


      A gorgeous, unique plaything that looks incredible in any playroom. Your toddler will love racing toy cars down the speed ramp, refining dexterity at the same time. This set comes complete with four competing wooden racing cars, which can be used both on the track and off. Hours of fun to be had!

      • Size: 33cm high x 38cm wide x 10cm deep. Cars are 6.5cm x 5cm.
      • Material: Made of wood with non-toxic paint finish 
      • Detail: Comes with four cars and racing track
      • Main development areas: Cognitive, Fine Motor, Gross Motor


        This multi-tasking sorter encourages counting, sorting, and colour and shape identification. Count the holes, count the pegs, count the shapes. Are they all the same? How many ways can you rearrange the pegs? There is so much learning to be done!

        • Size: 8cm x 18cm x 7cm
        • Material: Made from wood with non-toxic finish
        • Detail: Suitable for 18 months +
        • Main development areas: Cognitive, Fine Motor, Gross Motor

        SAND BAGS

        Hand-eye coordination is the name of the game with this brightly coloured set of five bean bags.  A traditional and soothing multi-purpose activity, bean bags are perfect for promoting balance, spatial awareness, and gross and fine motor skills like catch and release. These bags are the perfect size for little hands. And because they’re so small, your little one will have to concentrate extra hard on using their thumb and finger muscles.

        • Size: 10cm x 10cm x 2cm
        • Material: Sand inner with cotton/polyester fabric
        • Detail: Set of four sand bags 
        • Main development areas: Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Cognitive