Grow & Go PlayBox

The Grow & Go PlayBox comes with five fabulous play items, hand-picked by our team of child education and psychology experts to help build your 16-18-month-old’s development.


With bright pictures and simple labels, My Little Book of Words will make a fabulous addition to your child's early learning library. With colourful photographs of items your little one will recognise, there is plenty to explore in this engaging board book. 

The rainbow-coloured, stepped edges make it easy for little hands to turn the page and encourages discovery of each section.

  • Size: 22cm x 21cm
  • Material: Board book 
  • Detail: 10 pages. 2018. Published by Priddy Books.
  • Main development areas: Speech and Language, Cognitive, Social and Emotional


    Have fun learning about vegetables shapes and color inside and outside with this colourful cutting vegetable puzzle! The vegetables can be cut on one side of the cutting board and be matched to their complete vegetable image on the opposite side. Your little one will love imaginative play with this set.

    • Size: 24cm x 24cm x 2.5cm
    • Material: Made from tea wood with non-toxic finish. Velcro is used to secure the pieces together.
    • Detail: Made by Classic World.
    • Main development areas: Cognitive, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Social and Emotional


    Perfect for any playroom, this wooden block set lets your little one put together different shapes and patterns for hours of imaginative play that helps develop their sensitivity to colours and shapes. Engaging in this sort of imaginative play will see your toddler's understanding of colours and shapes sky-rocket!

    • Size: Triangle: 10cm x 8.7cm, Square: 5cm x 5cm | Round diameter: 5cm | Rectangle: 10cm x 5cm
    • Materials: Wooden and acrylic construction
    • Detail: 6 pieces of wooden shapes. 
    • Main development areas: Cognitive, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Social and Emotional, Speech and Language


    These set of six, real-world family-faced finger puppets are a great resource for your little one who is constantly seeking faces to connect with. Create hours of opportunity for imaginative play and communication with your little one. The finger hole is sized for both adult and little fingers.

    • Size: 9cm
    • Materials: Fabric 
    • Detail: Includes set of six
    • Main development areas: Cognitive, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Social and Emotional


      There are so many ways to use a set of 'feelings' cards with toddlers. These cards are particularly valuable as your little one is learning to recognise and regulate their own feelings and emotions, as well as learning to recognise and empathise with the emotions of others.

      • Size: 15cm x 10cm
      • Material: Card with laminate seal
      • Detail: Set of 10 different cards. With images and descriptions.
      • Main development areas: Cognitive, Social and Emotional, Speech and Language